5 Tips for the Best New Year

You know the old saying, “New Year, New You.” Every year, we promise ourselves we’ll stick to a new diet or find that dream job we’ve been searching for.

We’ve been wondering though, why is there so much pressure to come up with one big resolution? While we encourage goal setting, we prefer the idea of embracing little adjustments for a more lasting and less stressful life change.

Here are five tips to make small changes that will have BIG impact:

1. Be Proactive about your Health

It’s easy to the doctor once you’re sick, but it takes dedication to practice preventative health. See this great women’s preventive health guide and men’s preventive health guide, including routine self-checks for cancer and how to stay a step ahead of your long-term health.

With New Year’s celebrations right around the corner, drinking alcohol might be a part of your celebration. We’ve all experienced the infamous New Year Hangover. To be proactive about your health and help avoid a hangover, stay as hydrated as possible.  Most of us are thirsty when we start drinking, start with Drink a glass of water after EVERY drink, and in between those celebratory champagne glasses.

If your hangover still gets the best of you, have some ginger and peppermint tea for an upset stomach, and plan to get as much sleep as possible. If you’re feeling terrible, our Mobile Home Visit service can send a clinician to your home to help treat your symptoms quickly so you can get back to the daily grind.

2. Take the Stairs

Exercise aside, simply moving your body more is a great way to maintain a healthy daily routine. Some simple tactics to incorporate this include parking farther away to fit in some extra steps, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, and standing during your daily commute (if applicable). Oh, also, dancing keeps your heart pumping and enhances your mental health. So feel free to bust a few moves this year!

3. Train Your Brain

Sharpening your mind is likened to working out your muscles. By doing it, you’ll learn faster, retain more information and strengthen your brain. Additionally, scientists have found that engaging your brain in a memory-based math game is connected to better emotional health, reducing anxiety and depression.

A simple way to work on your memory is by repeating people’s name when you meet them or birthdays of loved ones. If you don’t fancy repetitiveness, trivia games, solving puzzles and even storytelling will engage that part of your brain. You can also try doing something new. Ever think about learning French or taking up the oboe? Now’s the time!

4. Stop Viewing Sleep as a Luxury

Ah, the ever-elusive magic of sleep. Research shows that not enough sleep can severely impact your health. So, how do you ensure some extra Zs? Powering down gadgets before bedtime is one of the easiest ways to fall asleep quickly.

Smokers with impaired sleep schedules have yet another reason to consider quitting, as studies show that they are four times more likely to feel poorly-rested than nonsmokers. Changing your diet to reduce the amount of caffeine and spices you consume can also aid in a peaceful night’s rest.

Oh, and you’ll be happy about this one: taking 20-minute naps improves performance, mood and alertness. So go ahead, lay down for a bit.

5. Take a Deep Breath

Pent up stress can lead to a myriad of health problems. There are plenty of ways to deal with this, but finding the “best” one depends on you. That being said, you can start by simply taking deep breaths – doing so settles your mind and relaxes your body.

When possible, try to take on fewer responsibilities and learn to talk about what’s been on your mind with friends. For more in-depth expert advice, see some stress relief tips from Psychology Today.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

There you have it, folks – six tips that’ll have you on your way to meaningful change for the new year. Remember that choosing one resolution, while admirable, might burden you with unnecessary pressure and expectation. Easing yourself into a transition could be the way to go this time around!

Another way to ensure you have the best new year is to routinely maintain your health. If you find yourself facing an urgent health issue, come visit us in one of our four locations, schedule a Mobile Home Visit or take advantage of our Virtual Visits.