Coronavirus Testing and Readiness Program

COVID Ready means getting back to business safely.

Carbon Health’s COVID Ready Program was designed to enable employers to test their employees, train them to work safely during the pandemic, and monitor their exposure as the economy opens up.

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May 11
How it works

We made a program for our own clinics.
Now we’re making it available for essential businesses.

Prevention & Compliance
We combine a clinician-backed symptom tracker with multiple testing options, and prevention-focused education to help keep your employees healthy at work and at home.
Testing & Monitoring
We’ve conducted thousands of tests in multiple formats: on-site testing, in-clinic testing, mobile testing centers, and at-home testing.
Management & Containment
Keep your workplace safe by monitoring exposure and managing the care and support of your employees with Carbon Health Providers.
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  • Fast Food Chains/covidReady/sector-fastfood.jpg
  • Supermarkets/covidReady/sector-supermarkets.jpg
  • Grocery Stores/covidReady/sector-grocery.jpg
  • Shipping Businesses/covidReady/sector-shipping.jpg
  • Transportation/covidReady/sector-transportation.jpg
  • Pharmacies/covidReady/sector-pharmacies.jpg
  • Garbage Collection/covidReady/sector-garbage.jpg
  • Educational Institutions/covidReady/sector-educational.jpg
  • Discount Stores/covidReady/sector-discount.jpg