Coronavirus testing in

San Francisco Bay Area

    Book online for in-person or at-home COVID-19 testing

    • In clinic testing
      Diagnostic and Antibody testing; covered by insurance
    • At-home test kit
      Saliva-based diagnostic testing; $185 covered by the patient
      2-day delivery
    • Travel Clearance Testing
    • Virtual consultation
      For COVID-19 related questions; covered by insurance

    How it works

    • Book online

      Book your appointment easily online through our app or website. Same-day appointments available.

    • Come in to a clinic

      You can receive diagnostic and antibody tests at all of our urgent care and pop-up clinics.

    • Get tested

      Our clinicians will take your samples, and evaluate your symptoms, and answer any questions.

    • Results in the app

      Your test results will be available via the Carbon Health desktop site or mobile app for iOS or for Android. You will receive a text message when your results are ready, and you can log into your Carbon Health account to obtain a downloadable PDF of the test result.


    Take off for your destination safely.

    Book a COVID-19 clearance test to travel safely in the United States. Available in Seattle, Bellevue, Portland, San Diego, San Jose and Los Angeles currently.

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    $135-$170 / person

    Pricing at locations varies. Insurance not accepted.

    COVID care in your community

    Book an appointment online for a COVID-19 test at one of our tech-enabled clinics or pop-up testings sites. These state-of-the-art clinics may not look like your average doctors’ office, but they function like one.

    • Diagnostic Testing

      Diagnostic tests are used by doctors to diagnose people with or without symptoms related to COVID-19.

    • Antibody Testing

      An antibody test lets you know if you were ever infected with COVID-19 and didn’t show signs or symptoms.

    • At-Home Test Kit

      Order and receive your kit within two days and perform the test from the safety of your own home.

    31 clinics in
    San Francisco Bay Area
      • COVID-19 Travel Clearance Testing
      • COVID-19 Testing
      • Urgent Care
      • Virtual Primary Care
      • Primary Care
      • Virtual Urgent Care
      • Orthopedics

      In-Home Tests Now Available

      Test for COVID-19 safely from your own home when you order the Carbon Health testing kit. Receive it in two business days.

      • Saliva-based test for active infection
      • Ships FedEx Overnight both ways
      • Clinician follow up if positive
      Results expected within 72 hours of shipping to the lab.
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      Virtual consultation at your fingertips.

      Get a COVID-19 consultation virtually right from your smartphone when you download the app.

        Available in the App Store and Google Play
        Same-day appointments
        Care from the comfort of home
        Talk to a provider in real time
        Most insurance accepted

        How can we help you?

        What is a diagnostic test?

        What is an antibody test?

        How long does it take for the results to come in?

        How much does the test cost?

        How will I find out my results?

        How do I download the app?

        What happens if I test positive for the COVID-19 diagnostic test?

        Who is eligible for serological antibody testing?

        How can I get an antibody test?

        How long does it take to get serological antibody results back?

        If I test positive for the antibody test, is it safe to go back to work without a mask or safety protocols?

        What does a negative antibody result indicate?

        Why is Carbon Health offering the antibody test?

        What does it mean for me if I test positive with the antibody test?

        Do I need to retake the antibody test every few weeks to continue to confirm immunity?

        Will Carbon Health sell my information for antibody research purposes if I test positive?

        What is the false-negative rate for the antibody test?

        What are Carbon Health pop-up clinics?

        What kind of COVID-19 testing will be performed at the Carbon Health pop-up clinic?

        How can I get tested at pop-up clinics?

        Who are the people I will be speaking to through the virtual service?

        Can I go to Carbon Health pop-up clinic without an appointment?

        Is there a waiting area for patients at the pop-up clinics?

        Is there parking available for patients at the pop-up clinics?

        How is Carbon ensuring the pop-ups clinics are safe and clean?